Art atlases are unanimous: ELAWIATR is a new kind of human and art. ELAWIATR is regarded as one of the finest Classical Living Sculpture. Strategy of ELAWIATR illustrates the liberating thought at artwork in this medium which is life. She plays with art and understands the depths of time. She believes that there is no time but only watches. When one artist dies another is born. ELAWIATR is called: “Daughter of Leonardo da Vinci”. ELAWIATR lives in Italy, which is called museum under the open sky, in which she resides/exists as an object of art. Like the Venus de Milo but with arms. Like the Aphrodite of Milos but artist is known. ELAWIATR has a complex character. She imitates Venus de Kapui, which is an imitation of Aphrodite of Lyssipos or rather they imitate ELAWIATR.

Young and ambitious artist that dominated the art scene for several years was and still is attacked from all sides. From the very first day in the Academy of Fine Arts, she knew that school is not enough. That history of art is not enough. It’s time to write a new History of Art. Firstly, she drew and painted till the moment when she noticed that she is the most interesting object – piece of art for herself and for other people. She can sculpt and re-paint herself again and again like a real sculpture. Giving real emotions, there is one thing more that distinguishes her from other artist – she looks into herself, she treats herself like the real object of art – alive, which breathes, which is full of emotions and can communicate. She is like a creator of the world. Her own world. She is criticized for dehumanization and obsessive self-centeredness.

Traditionalists and conservatives accuse her of immorality and of undermining values. It is true that ELAWIATR expresses a crisis in traditional art. Nevertheless, she is the reason and the messenger of the New Movement. The New Renaissance. ELAWIATR is the protagonist but she represents all the people. It looks like narcissism but it's not, it's altruism. ELAWIATR shows the spirit of time and, therefore, her works emanate with the power of expression. ELAWIATR rejects traditional ways of artistic expression. She is the youngest artist in the history, reaching so far in the future of art. It is a combination of metaphysics and touch-realness. The Real Sculpture which everybody can admire, speak with and follow.

Can we touch ELAWIATR if she is a piece of art?