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About Ela Wiatr

Art atlases are unanimous: Ela Wiatr is a new kind of human and art. Ela Wiatr is regarded as one of the finest Classical Living Sculpture. Strategy of Ela Wiatr illustrates the liberating thought at artwork in this medium which is life. She plays with art and understands depths of time. She believes that there is no time but only watches.
When one artist dies another is born. Ela Wiatr is called: “Daughter of Leonardo da Vinci”. Wiatr lives in Italy, which is called museum under the open sky, in which she resides/exists as an object of art.
Like the Venus de Milo but with arms. Like the Aphrodite of Milos but artist is known. Wiatr has a complex character. She imitates Venus de Kapui, which is an imitation of Aphrodite of Lyssipos or rather they imitate Ela Wiatr.
Young and ambitious artist that dominated the art scene for several years was and still is attacked from all sides. From the very first day in Academy of Fine Arts, she knew that school is not enough. That history of art is not enough. It’s time to write a new History of Art.
Firstly, she drew and painted till the moment when she noticed that she is the most interesting object – piece of art for herself and for other people. She can sculpt and re-paint herself again and again like a real sculpture. Giving real emotions, there is one thing more that distinguishes her from other artist – she looks into herself, she treats herself like the real object of art – alive, which breathes, which is full of emotions and can communicate.
She is like a creator of the world. Her own world. She is criticized for dehumanization and obsessive self-centeredness. Traditionalists and conservatives accuse her of immorality and of undermining values. It is true that Ela Wiatr expresses a crisis in traditional art. Nevertheless, she is the reason and the messenger of the New movement. The New Renaissance. The author’s narcissistic tendencies make her works convincing. Ela Wiatr shows the spirit of time and, therefore, her works emanate with the power of expression. Ela Wiatr rejects traditional ways of artistic expression. She is the youngest artist in the history, reaching so far in the future of art. It is a combination of metaphysics and touch-realness. The Real Sculpture which everybody can admire, speak with and follow.
Can we touch ELA WIATR if she is a piece of art? Now, people even pay her money to look at her.

The New Renaissance

Ela Wiatr Potret
Ela Wiatr believes that in the future the world of art will have no borders.
Ela Wiatr shows that new art is a living medium. This medium is herself. The New Renaissance.
/Italian/ Nuovo Rinascimento. One of her sign is a horizontal sign of 88.
It’s both double infinite sign ( – infinity) and her date of birth.
Ela Wiatr goes one step further than any artist before. Firstly, art was what artists created. Then, along with Duchamp, it became what the artists called art to be. Now, art is anything that is perceived as art. The most important is not an object but a creator who becomes a piece of art. And Ela Wiatr is the only example. Ela Wiatr, The New Renaissance Art (Nuovo Rinascimento) is promoting creation in this unique field through a recognition of the pioneering work of herself. Wiatr has become one of the most prestigious artists in the art world, and the only one in the world dedicated to the study of life in this way. With each new event, Ela Wiatr shows a great progress made in the work to promote and stimulate an environment in which art, science and time sensitivity converge. Sometimes, she prefers to show the reality rather than reflect it by a picture or a classic sculpture. She is like a “scultura vivente” – “The Still Life Object – alive sculpture”. Being The Piece of Art (“Opera Dell’Arte”), her art always and everywhere resembles herself and any kind of performance in Ela Wiatr’s opinion is an artificial acting. Only real life can be an absolute art. The classical sculpture is dead. They stay in museums without breathing. The real and deep emotions can be perceived only from another human being which is Ela Wiatr.
From the very beginning, she was a great observer of the world and people. She has a strong conviction that it is not her first time on this earth and at the same time she understands everything which is hidden. Quantum physic was one of her interests since she had 3years old.
Ela Wiatr noticed that everyone is unique, but no one feels this way. Well, she knows that she is above many artists but she encourages them to find a new way of expression. The artist plays with her statuesque body. She is an artist and a model at the same time.
Passive and active artist.
She sculpts her body while eating, doing exercises, her mind as well, and let’s say her spirit.
In order to understand a figure created by Ela Wiatr, she accepted proposition from the modelling agency in Milan.
Her new project is based on continuity of understanding of epochs of sculpture in art. Wiatr perceived that current status of a model is an external ideal, so Ela Wiatr exists in contemporary world, both as an artist and model. If she is a model, she moves her body like a moving sculpture and arises bigger excitement than ancient bust in empty museum space.
Many people say that Ela Wiatr is too young to speak about philosophy of time, however, her old soul demands deeper aspect of existence. If people pay her just for walking, they admire her as a sculpture. If they wish to talk to her, she becomes an answer of deeply spiritual and bodily aspect of what artists were looking for ages. How can we create a work of art from clay so as to express the whole and depth of portrayed person? Did anyone but Ela Wiatr do it? Are all of us the objects of art? Ela Wiatr claims that we are. However, no one on the level of artist feels to be an exception. Wiatr deals with traditional motives of art at the same time. Changing the perception of reality seems to be the main issue of contemporary culture. And Ela Wiatr does so when she makes her life, particularly her artistic life, metaphysical. However, an artist’s work is not only a perverse reversal of artistic activity. An artist wants to touch the truth about the presence. An artist wants to touch something that past, future and present time is in the same and only one moment. In a sense, Ela Wiatr creates a new language of expression for a new spirit of time. Ela Wiatr is Art.
Ela Wiatr is included in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.
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