“Art is something we do, a verb. Art is an expression of our thoughts, emotions, intuitions, and desires”
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About Ela Wiatr

Art atlases are unanimous: ELAWIATR is a new kind of human and art. ELAWIATR is regarded as one of the finest Classical Living Sculpture. Strategy of ELAWIATR illustrates the liberating thought at artwork in this medium which is life.

She plays with art and understands depths of time. She believes that there is no time but only watches. When one artist dies another is born. ELAWIATR is called: “Daughter of Leonardo da Vinci”. ELAWIATR lives in Italy, which is called museum under the open sky, in which she resides/exists as an object of art.

Like the Venus de Milo but with arms. Like the Aphrodite of Milos but artist is known. ELAWIATR has a complex character. She imitates Venus de Kapui, which is an imitation of Aphrodite of Lyssipos or rather they imitate ELAWIATR…