New renaissance heartbreaker

The ”New Renaissance Heartbreaker” of ELAWIATR is a delicate golden metal sculpture that looks like an expensive piece of jewelry displayed on socle, like in an open jewelry box.
On the white, polish, glossy socle, a heart shaped, golden padlock connected to a golden mousetrap is situated.
The vertical and horizontal lines and bows underline the classical character of sculpture.
The socle brings to mind the marble of ancient sculptures. On it, there is a small key in relief. It is not in the place where it is supposed to be. The temptation to steal a work of art, the heart, can take control of you. Probably the heart has already been stolen.
The heart has value because it is a master organ of the electromagnetic field (much more than the brain). This the most important energetic organ in the human body. It is responsible for emotions, thoughts, feelings and beliefs and has its own memory. It’s really dangerous to take this heart, but it is worth it. If you’re not afraid and you’re ready to take these risks, this golden heart is yours, so try to take it!
Love might now make your head spin! Beware of sacrificing too much for the sake of harmony or becoming too compliant. Love can be dangerous. Be sure that the key to the padlock lets you keep control.

First of all, if you are now close to the heart of ELAWIATR, you risk becoming addicted to her New Renaissance Art and falling into an endless vortex of emotional upheaval by ELAWIATR.

Why not to have a deeper way of interpretation? What will happen if the New Renaissance Art Life is the heartbreaker? If, once you fall in love with the New Renaissance Art, you have no choice? You will be trapped to the Infinite New Renaissance Love Space forever.