New Renaissance Fortune Cookie

ELAWIATR’S ”FORTUNE COOKIE SCULPTURE” keeps a secret, your secret. Believe or not… The mystic answer for what will be in the New Renaissance future or pluperfect ancient wisdom. If you decide to eat a fortune cookie it can open your quantum field of awareness.

Like an ancient statue with a streamer, abnormal, the huge, splendid crisp and sugary cookie rests on a socle. It is here in that time and space to be admired. Everyone who passes can get access to your secret if they want. Your intimacy is espoused, your secret can be known.

ELAWIATR gives you an Unlimited Number of Fortunes because she takes the fortune cookie to a whole different level of spiritual intimacy, contemporary and provocative.

The Fortune Cookie looks tasty and you feel like you can’t resist. The heart shaped padlock and a key painted on it is a sign to explore a new taste pleaser and discover your destiny in the New Renaissance Art… Everything is up to you.

Will you eat entire New Renaissance irresistible cookie