Marshmallow Newest Recycling Version

One person statistically throws away almost 100 PET bottles a year, which translates into more than 400 million tons of plastic waste produced in the world every year. A staggering 8 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the world’s oceans every year.
The matter is complicated by the fact that one bottle needs 500 years for decomposition! For this reason, a collection of PET packaging is organized, which is then recycled.
We save the planet’s health of the sea life, and the acquired materials get a second life.
Welcome to ELAWIATR’s New Renaissance Art World!
To reuse and reinvent plastic waste,  ELAWIATR’s New Renaissance eco art creation is inspired by a Marshmallow: desirable candy as sculpture design.
Timeless, iconic sculptures can adapt to many different environments, traditional or contemporary private collections, public spaces, and museums around the world.
Not coincidentally, we can note that ingredients of marshmallows are often artificial, so it’s a metaphorical symbol of artificial ingredients of design.
If you are going to eat marshmallows, are you not interested in what they are made of?
It’s as unique and hard to resist as the art!
We use natural ingredients because it is possible to do so.
We let you experience this feeling and translate them into a timeless, eco, elegant, extravagant, and joyful product.
Source of the used material
We create value from recycled plastic by transforming it into 3D filament to print Marshmallow.
Filament is 100% recycled from post-condensed PET recycling bottles collected and used in the 3D printing process.
We do this by working together with local partners, manufacturers, and suppliers who are able to guarantee the quality of the recycled plastic. Environmentally friendly – renewable resources that are biodegradable and can even be composted.
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