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Eatable or not? It’s offered in a plastic wrap.
Desirable beauty and addictive flavor expand in all 3 dimensions of the visual field as well as in the dimensions of New Renaissance Art.
Soft, savory, valuable, sinful.
It’s softcore, huge, dressed in the colors of innocence and finished in a glorious authentic shining stainless steel is enclosed in plastic wrap.
Is it preserving its content or protecting the ones that are exposed in its holistic beauty, of intoxication? Maybe none of the above.
Marshmallow is very existence excites the mind to experience the addictive sound of the slick transparent plastic wrap opening, reviving the moment before fulfillment, the peak of desire.
The scent of Marshmallow brings you to reminiscence of New Renaissance Life.
How do you exactly feel when you can touch it in white gloves?

Marshmallow The Newest Recycling Version, Let’s save the planet!

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