ELAWIATR has a natural ability to turn herself into an eminently desirable partner for almost anyone she meets. What we can do with it?

A ‘sgabello’  is a type of stool typical of the Italian Renaissance. The stool “love fades away but things last forever” made by ELAWIATR is a New Renaissance Art piece. It is possible to have it forever. Even if your LOVE comes to the material end, the stool survives, the art is eternal, just like your life in a New Renaissance Art will last forever.

The stool is a raw, cedar log which had its beginning from a tree. In the parks or woods, in secret places people try to mark the presence of their love. While lovers make these marks at intimate moments in their lives – writing their initials on the wood – time will probably change their relation in the future, but for now, “one of them” decided that it has to be saved from the oblivion and loss.

ELAWIATR engraves the initials at the bottom of our heart. The Artist carved her logo on it.

The eternal sgabello could be in your space with your very personal initials. It is designed and made by measure, so you are welcome to carve your own story in the heart-shape, with monograms and dates. Your emotions will stay forever and will be shown in the infinite museum of your New Renaissance Life.