LETTER in the bottle

A letter in a bottle brings to mind the archaic ways of communication. The information, which will reach the recipient one day, is carefully selected and thought out. It may be our last news, it may bring salvation or not. The information in the bottle is a kind of time capsule, we do not know when where, and who will read it. 
ELAWIATR has sent us the message of a New Renaissance. Her peculiar letter, instead of the expected piece of paper in a bottle, is a mobile phone with a text message (a symbol of contemporary times).
Who are we, where are we from, who will we be? The question so far posed by philosophers and artists is an enigma. In the New Renaissance, art has had an answer. It has an answer and it will. Be an artist, create your world of a New Renaissance Life. What will you leave behind? What will your letter in the bottle contain?

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