Eternal Cupid’s Love Arrow 2019 +_∞∞
ELAWIATR proposed the unique Swarovski Crystal Home Dècor Vase as iconic home décor jewellery with
symbolism and emotion attached to it. The composition is coated with stunning Aurora Borealis effect,
which is inspired by the Northern Lights and shimmers in every colour of the rainbow like the gradients
of love.
Selection of colour, intensity and shapes of flowers gives us new possibilities of crystal light, and we are
eager to further explore this relationship through new forms and our own creations characterized by fresh
love that flirts with the poetic aesthetics of the vase.
This Home Dècor can give us unexpected connections, possibilities and imagination to be part of the full process
of creation.
Each faceted crystal reflects the hues and movements of nature through infinite optical effects, creating
a dreamy wonderland that mirrors the state when we are in love.
In this instance, crystal is like a living substance; its perception shifts with the changing light of day
and over the course of our seasons of love.
ELAWIATR is also constantly expanding her ability to work with metaphysics, with her New
Renaissance’s Art, often acquiring an engaging four-dimensional quality, which is time to uncover clues
about moments of love.
Researchers prove the arrow of time is irrelevant to quantum of love because new or old love is causing
a stir in the heart and combined with excellent Swarovski craftsmanship – guarantee sparkles and shines
as much as love at first sight.
The true masterpiece.
A must – have for lovers and true-love fans.