Christie’s Bicicletta Redenzione Milano


ELAWIATR embraced the processes of life and experimentation of expanding the field of New Renaissance’s art and what it means to experience art through living.
The New Era of art looks perfect, doesn’t it?

“REDENZIONE” is a sculpture created by ELAWIATR. The artist is a precursor of a New Renaissance Art/Life.
The full-size bicycle is covered by a white, soft, cotton structure. ELAWIATR has created art from the utility item.
The well known object as that vehicle has appeared as a Venus from the painting of Botticelli. It looks like it’s made out of foam like the mythological goddess. Does it mean that the bike has been transformed into a masterpiece? Its new appearance is based on the “new weight.” It’s not heavy anymore. Is it the foam or a cloud? The volatility gives an impression that soon it will melt and disappear into a simple, white background. The bike in its new decorative form has been transformed in a symbolic way from the male into female, from the useful, haptic object into the nonmaterial beauty. It’s obvious that something as fragile, light, and soft can’t be used as we used to.
The new metaphysical bike can ride in the sky. There is a home of goods and dreams. The ELAWIATR’s New Renaissance sculpture could take a place in the spiritual world of Marc Chagall. The rules are broken. We can ride the bike everywhere as far as you want, as far as ELAWIATR wants.